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At Palliative Health Center we provide:


•FREE gift for all NEW and Re-New Patients.*

•FREE Bday Gram.*

•FREE Referral Gram.*

•Delivery to Home Bound Patients.

•Discounts for Seniors, Veterans & Disability (with proof).

•On line Pre-Ordering available.

•Reward programs for repeat patients.

•Premium Med selection of: Clones & Teens, Concentrates, Drinks, Edibles (100+ Types including Sugar Free & Gluten  Free options), Flowers, Ingestibles, Pre-Rolls, Seeds, Tinctures, Topicals and much much more…


*All Free Grams require like Donation of Flowers Only. No combining of specials.



Are REQUIRED to bring the following on their 1st visit:

1) Original Doctor’s Recommendation (Sorry, photocopies not accepted)

2) PLUS  One of the Forms of Identification Listed Below:

  • Current Valid California Driver’s License
  • Current Valid California Identification Card
  • Expired California Driver’s License PLUS Temporary Valid California DMV Driver’s License
  • Expired California Identification Card PLUS Temporary Valid California Identification
  • Current (not expired) Out-of-State Driver’s License PLUS Temporary California DMV Driver’s License
  • Current Valid Passport PLUS Temporary California DMV Driver’s License
Are REQUIRED to bring each subsequent visit:

1) Doctor’s Recommendation (Legible Card or Copy is fine)

2) Same as #2 of New Members


With our San Jose cannabis club we will guarantee top quality service to all our medical marijuana patients.  We have a large variety and selection of Flowers, concentrate, tinctures and many more for our medical marijuana patients…Don’t forget to view our Photo Menu above.

Please feel free to come by anytime and visit our San Jose marijuana dispensary today! Thank you for visiting Palliative Health Center (PHC) | A San Jose Medical Marijuana Dispensary and San Jose Cannabis Club.